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Ever dreamt of owning a bustling coffee shop people love to come to? Kick start your dream in association with Vanilla Coffee Shop, a name synonymous with awesome coffee, milkshakes, pastries and unbeatable service. When you associate with Vanilla, you are setting out all equipped to run a business with great growth potential and returns.

We are already a known name in this business which will help you get a head start. We will also provide you with all the knowledge, tools and training that you require to succeed. Enthusiasm, motivation and a non-compromising attitude towards service is what we ask of you. We are passionate about our products and services so we are looking for individuals who share the same. This is not just a means of making money for us; it is part of our identities.

You can become a proud owner of Vanilla Coffee -through Franchising.


Each Franchise makes a contribution to building the brand Vanilla and influences the way it is perceived. We therefore look for franchisees who are able to create great experiences for our customers and uphold our brand values.

Franchisee Profile


  • Highly competent individuals with solid financial standing and experience in running successful businesses
  • Great people and communication skills
  • Strong Ethics and commitment to quality
  • Ability to handle finances, personnel and operations
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Commitment to providing great Customer Service

Want to be part of a great success story? Write to us at [email protected] to know more