Vanilla Coffee Shop strives every day to create great experiences for its customers by delivering superior quality products and exemplary services. There is nothing that motivates us more than the happy faces of our customers.

Superior Products

Our products are  result of a great amount of research, time spent on quality control and the best raw materials. We also take care only to employ well trained and experienced chefs and bartenders to ensure that our cakes, pastries and coffee are brought together and served the perfect way; every single time. We’re constantly listening to our customers to add new mouthwatering delicacies and improve our products even further.

Exemplary Service

  • We know that a great product needs to be backed up by exemplary service to create an unforgettable experience. Our staff is a bunch of handpicked, trained and well compensated lot with a great passion for service. Our training programs equip them with product knowledge, instill the right attitude and hone their skills. We continually assess our service levels and use customer feedback to take our level of service to even greater heights.

Inimitable Experiences

Right from the décor of our shop interior, to the carefully thought-out floor plan, plush furniture and great lighting, every element is designed to transport you to a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable mind space. Whether you visit us to celebrate solitude or catch up with friends, you will not find our space lacking.

Visit Us Today! Allow us to present you some special Vanilla moments of pure happiness.